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Exploration services by experienced geoscience professionals

Experienced personnel to advance resource projects!

Exploration services

Pinata Resources enhances exploration teams by providing skilled operational personnel, delivering on-site and remote assistance for seamless program execution. Our full range of exploration services empowers our clients to successfully advance resource projects and meet stakeholder deadlines.

Key activities include information discovery, geoscience information management, exploration management, geological mapping, geochemical surveys, technical reporting and market disclosures.



Our qualified and experienced geoscience professionals develop exploration programs, provide exploration services and provide experienced Geologists and technical personnel to locate, investigate, define or delineate mineral deposits.

We enhance existing field teams by supplying them with skilled Contract Geologists and Field Technicians. Our services extend to executing programs directly for our clients and offering geologists who excel in crafting comprehensive technical geological reports, assessments, and engaging presentations.



Our team manages, coordinates and undertakes studies to advance projects and mineral deposits in areas of geological, engineering, operating, economic, social, environmental. 

Experienced personnel provide the assurance that development activities are conducted with respect and responsibility for the people, environment and ultimately the client who has entrusted us to develop their project.



Geoscience specialists with experience in regional geology studies, mineral exploration, mine development, operation and mineral project assessment. 

Our team has extensive experience in disclosure of exploration and project development activities in statutory and technical reports, and market statements, with qualified person sign off to ensure disclosed information complies with professional standards.

Geoscience Information

Technical desktop studies

Spatial modelling

Project management

Low impact exploration

Drilling campaigns

Technical disclosures

Statutory reporting

Contract Geologists

Geological Mapping
Soil sampling
Reconnaissance planning
Outcrop Identification


We offer operational personnel to augment our clients’ mineral exploration teams, ensuring successful exploration program initiatives. Whether working remotely or on-site, our experienced geologists and field personnel collaborate closely with your project team to enhance exploration efforts and boost capacity to meet deadlines.

Our expertise ensures efficient utilisation of available resources, enabling effective exploration even in resource-constrained scenarios. Clients and field personnel benefit from our remote team through logistical support, experienced advice, and comprehensive technical reporting.


Pinata Resources specialises in supporting coal projects from exploration to reporting, offering tailored assistance with field data capture, validation, analysis, modeling, and JORC reporting. Our team provides cost-effective geoscience services for all aspects of coal projects, including:

  • Coal target and exploration drilling campaign design
  • Field-based services including borehole logging, sampling and supervision
  • Downhole geophysics interpretation
  • Data capture, storage and validation practices and database tools to enhance data management and accessibility
  • Resource and reserve modelling for mine support
  • Compliance and JORC reporting
Coal core sample
Seam logging and gas testing
Coal mine support